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You are well-aware of the pandemic we are facing globally and how dangerous it is for us. We are in a state of continuous fight against the virus until we get over it completely and find a solution that can provide 100% protection against it. Until then, we should take precautions that are advised by global health organizations like World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These advices include the use of face masks, hand sanitizers, and a healthy diet. We have to make sure we do not touch any surface outside the house unnecessarily and the usage of gloves is also highly encouraged.

Why Face Masks?

The reason for the usage of face masks in routine is because we do not know from where we might catch the virus. It might be suspended in the air or maybe someone around us is a carrier of the virus. It can be transmitted to us via touch or air if the infected person sneezes or coughs around us. So, for the safer side, we should take precautions. Face masks not only provide us protection against coronavirus and other pathogens but also keeps us safe from the dust and smoke in the polluted air around us. So, it is a very useful accessory for our daily use anyway.

There are various types of facemasks available in the market for you so you can choose the one which suits your requirements and personality. Some of the types of these masks are as follows;
- Most common, disposable surgical face masks
- N95 & KN95
- N100
- P95 & P100
- Cone style masks
- Clothe made masks
The quality of facemasks depends on the extent of filtration they provide. More the filtration better is the quality. Surgical face masks are most recommended and most used for routine wear throughout the world because of their effectiveness and also their cost-friendliness.

Buy Face Masks Online

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