Why Wearing a Face Mask is important in 2021

Why Wearing a Face Mask is important in 2021

Virus transmission is highly suppressed by wearing a mask. A vast increase has been seen in cases of coronavirus around the world and it is effective to cover the face in this pandemic situation. Face covering is of vital importance when you visit outside in public gatherings, events, crowded places, travel in public transport or go anywhere around a group of people. 

Essential Factors about Wearing a Mask

Wearing a mask protects both (the wearer and other people) and prevents spread of infection. Masks should not be considered as a substitute for practice of social distance. 

A distance of about 6 feet must be kept specially in indoor gathering. It is not mandatory to wear a mask when you are out on your own or within the household until and unless no one in the house is infected. 

Importance of Face Mask

People not wearing a mask is a frequent issue these days as they follow the sentiment that “Why one should wear a mask if not personally at high risk”. The answer is that the virus can infect even before symptoms properly appear (fever, pain, coughing, sneezing). Few important points highlight the significance of wearing masks.  

  • Protect the Wearer and other People
  • Virus from droplets of cough/sneeze is spread from person to person. Face masks act as obstacles for drops to pass through air from transmitter to receiver. Many researches have shown that face covering blocks a significant number of droplets, their frequency and distance the drops travel. Once on an international flight containing twenty-five passengers, one man was infected with COVID-19 but none of the passengers got infected because the infected person was wearing the mask. 

  • Carrier may not realize that he has infection 
  • Pre symptomatic transmission is common in corona virus and asymptomatic is also a case where a person does not exhibit any kind of symptoms apparently. So health organizations strongly urge everyone to wear a mask to protect themselves and people around them. 

    Journal nature recently published a study stating that around forty percent of people never develop any symptoms under coronavirus. So to apparently detect a potential carrier is nearly impossible. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a mask all time in public.

  • Mask act as a shield

  • It acts as an insulator between a carrier and another human being. Wearing a mask and taking other necessary precautions could result in significant decrease of virus cases.  People should buy masks that snuggly fit to their faces covering their nose and mouth properly so less virus is transmitted in the contact community. Waldman at one point says “If that chain is cut anywhere, then the virus will no longer be able to propagate”. 

    Wearing a mask mainly helps those people who live/work in crowded surroundings or in frontline areas with greater exposure rates where maintaining social distance is not possible.

    Far into 2021

    Robert Redfield said that masks are the best tools to handle current pandemic situations. Although vaccines have developed and being used but masks still make huge difference and are as reliable a vaccine for blunting virus spread. He further states that masks are more significant than vaccines when we talk in terms of guarantee since the vaccine is still undergoing trials and its effectiveness is not fully proven.

    Corona Vaccine 

    Many experts believe that we are continuously going to use face masks until far into 2021 even when a vaccine is in our hand. 

    Vaccine is developed but in the beginning there will be a limited supply available and will be reserved and given to people who are at high risk of catching viruses (doctors, hospital staff, elder people, infected patients).  So masks are going nowhere and still be the prior need of people even when they get themselves vaccinated because the corona vaccine takes about six to eight weeks for the immune system.

    Vaccine does not fully shield you from COVID

    The Effects of corona vaccine vary from person to person. For example some people can get sick instead of developing the immune system. Few researchers suspect vaccines to have 50 percent efficacy and 70 percent of population is expected to develop immunity. This does not mean that the vaccine is not useful but it is currently being tested and expected to have much better results in 2021. 

    One more concept must be cleared that people who get vaccinated should not stop wearing masks at all since they may get infected again and unwillingly carry the virus. The durability of vaccines is still not fully determined so masks will be an important asset until experts find answers to some of these questions. 

    Final Thoughts

    Innumerable data in favor of wearing a mask has been reported. Comparison shows that the places/countries where masks were made mandatory has witnessed a decrease in corona cases than those places where mask mandates were not imposed. So along with vaccines and  social distancing, face masks are also crucial.