Why should people not wear a face mask during exercise?

Why should people not wear a face mask during exercise?

After a distressing outburst of “coronavirus”, many inevitable changes were witnessed around the world. Covid-19 is a plague that has created an alarming situation in many countries having a large no. of populations. It affected different people in different ways causing problems in breathing and severe symptoms of fever. 

In order to protect ourselves from this viral disease, we should wear face masks while visiting any place. Wearing face masks has become a norm since 2019. The use of face masks or any material to cover the face can prevent the spread of the virus and block it to transmit virus to the body. But wearing masks while exercising is quite challenging as it is observed that when you do heavy exercise,  the breathing rate increases rapidly and if you wear face mask, it becomes harder to breathe fresh air.

Reasons why it is not recommended to wear masks during exercise

  • It is detrimental to wear face masks when you are exercising as it is seen that while exercising, the cholesterol level increases and the breathing becomes fast which can reduce the ability to breathe comfortably.
  • Sweat can make the face mask wet, resultantly, it can make breathing difficult and promotes the growth of microorganisms.
  • When we do a moderate type of exercise, it is possible to apply more effort than usual if you are wearing a mask.
  • Our muscles produce a burning sensation because of rapid production of lactic acid if you wear a face mask while doing heavy exercises .
  • While wearing face masks, carbon dioxide that is exhaled from your body, is again inhaled by you and it reduces the cognitive function of the body.
  • Less amount of oxygen is inhaled due to the presence of a face mask in front of the mouth and nose openings.

Guidelines to wear face masks during exercise

The important preventive measure during exercising is to maintain the physical distance of at least 6 feet from others. Although it is safe if you are not wearing a mask in your personal gym or in-home gym room, but if you are exercising at any public gym then it can be risky for your health in case if you do not wear a mask. It is advised to start with a light exercise for some period of time rather than doing heavy exercise while wearing a face mask or covering your face. 

Following are some of the important guidelines.

  • You should take short breaks after some time,  if you are doing exercise with a face mask. It is important to reduce the stress on the breathing muscles. Take a break approximately three times for 5 to 6 minutes in a 1 hour session at the gym.
  • Drink water before initiating your exercise of 45-60 minutes. It maximizes the functional limits of the body, especially during walking exercises.
  • If you feel that you maintained an enough distance from others while exercising and there is no risk of virus transmission, then you can ease off your face mask.