When not to use Antibacterial Wipes

When not to use Antibacterial Wipes

Although antibacterial wipes are very effective for us, especially in a pandemic, there exists some situations where it is important to know that antibacterial wipes should not be used. First and foremost thing to consider is that don't waste antibacterial wipes by stocking in excessive amounts as they expire after a period of time. Some people use antibacterial wipes at all places without taking into account its actual need and when not to use them. Let’s jump in and get to know about the current topic of discussion.

  • Children’s toys

  • When you clean any toy with an antibacterial wipe, there may be some antibacterial chemicals left on the surfaces of toys. Therefore, it is guided that parents should keep this point in mind before wiping out children’s toys as there is a possibility that they can put their hands in their mouths after rubbing with toys or put their toys directly in their mouths. Instead, use a solution of vinegar mixed with water to clean toys as it is a non-toxic way to kill germs. 

  • Soft surfaces that absorbs moisture

  • Antibacterial wipes usually need to sit and wait for a few minutes to remove bacteria. In case of soft or foamy surfaces such as carpets, application of  antibacterial wipes would not be effective. If you intend to use a lot of antibacterial  wipes in such situations to acquire desired results, the excessive amount of moisture could demolish the surface. To avoid any damage, use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of carpet stains and dirt.  

  • Kitchen counters

  • As you know that kitchen counters are the favorite place of germs and bacteria due to the presence of food particles but cleaning them with the help of antibacterial wipes isn’t a good approach. Clean such surfaces using your sponge and soapy hot water. And don’t forget to clean your kitchen sponge regularly. 

  • Bathroom countertops and fixtures

  • Your bathroom is a hotspot of bacteria and germs. Cleaning it with antibacterial wipes isn’t enough. Use disinfecting bathroom cleaners to clean bathroom’s countertops and fixtures so that these can become germ-free for a specific time period.

  • Human hands

  • If you consider that  the disinfectant wipes are good enough to clean hands just as door knobs then you are wrong. It is strictly forbidden to clean your hands with antibacterial wipes prior to eating as the wipes may leave a residue on the skin and it may be swallowed by individuals while eating food. The best strategy is to wash your hands frequently or you can use hand wipes, for instance, if soap and water is not available around you. 

  • Leather Stuff

  • As antibacterial wipes contain alcohol in them, so it can dehydrate the leather stuff. Excessive application of antibacterial wipes on leather results in dryness. It may look chalky and dull. Instead of applying antibacterial wipes, use a gentle cleaner on leather, such as baby soap, and water. When you’re done with cleaning, wipe the leather again with a sponge to eliminate any soapy residue on it.