What Are Antibacterial Wipes and How Bacteria-Fighting Wipes Work?

What Are Antibacterial Wipes and How Bacteria-Fighting Wipes Work

As we know that we are going through a pandemic globally which has proven very deadly and thus we all have started taking the health precautions more seriously than ever. One of the means of keeping us safe from the bacterial and viruses, which cause many harmful diseases, are these antibacterial wipes. As now people are more inclined towards taking all the health precautions they can, there is increased demand of anti-bacterial wipes all over the world. They are very effective and are much recommended by the doctors and other health institutions like Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) & World Health Organization. Doctors emphasize on adopting healthy practices like usage of sanitizers, disinfecting wipes and washing hands repeatedly. If we promote these health practices, we can keep our loved ones safe from various diseases as these pathogens have grown stronger and we need to fight them accordingly.

What are Antibacterial Wipes?

If you are not aware of what antibacterial wipes are, they are moistened small towelettes which are designed to fight the germs. They are soaked in materials which are chemically disinfecting & sanitizing agents. They are available in tissue box like packaging which makes them easy to use and accessible for everyone at home. They should be preferred for routine use over the towels because if your towel is contaminated then germs can easily spread by using such towels. On the other hand, if you are using these wipes then they have proven their effectiveness for killing bacteria, so they are highly recommended. These wipes are manufactured of various materials. They can be made up of non-woven cellulose material, biodegradable materials of varying thickness or even from the recyclable propylene wipes or polyester. One of the best features of these wipes is that they are biodegradable so using these wipes you can also contribute towards society for reducing the pollution as it is one of the biggest concerns of present day.

How Do These Wipes Work?

You must be curious that how these wipes work and how do they ensure your safety in the fight against harmful germs. One important thing you need to know before I explain how they work is that they don’t only protect you against bacteria but also viruses and fungi. These wipes are actually moistened and they make the surface wet for a while when used. Antibacterial wipes work on skin too as there is nothing in their chemical makeup which can damage your skin. For the effective disinfection, don’t dry the surface immediately where they are used. Surface should stay wet for a while and this lead time of its working is referred to as the Dwell Time. This period of their working depends on their quality. Better the quality, lesser will be the dwell time. They are seen to act faster than many approved sanitizers in the market which shows their effectiveness. There are different types of wipes available for you which are approved by researchers and tested to be successful in fighting coronavirus which is the biggest concern for human race in current era. Also, they can be helpful in killing the Influenza A Virus, E-coli bacteria, Salmonella enterica, Methicillin-esistant Staphylococcus Aureus & many other microbes including flu viruses. They not only keep you safe from the pathogens but also, they are a rescue from bad odors too. Antibacterial wipes work faster than the sanitizers and soaps which is why they are recommended a lot by the doctor and health advisors. There is a debate about antibacterial wipes that they are not effective against the viruses, as the name suggests. But that doesn’t stand for all antibacterial wipes as there are many wipes which are tested to be successful against both bacteria and viruses, but they are way more effective against bacteria. If you are looking for the wipes which can provide you protection against both viruses and bacteria then there are successfully tested disinfecting wipes available which ensure you protection against both. But again, antibacterial wipes are also seen to successfully beat viruses in the battle.

Why Should You Use These Wipes?

These wipes have proven their worth and are much recommended for routine usage due to their effectiveness in killing the pathogens. Following are the reasons why you should prefer them;

- Instead of cleaning surfaces at your home with different chemicals to disinfect the house you can use these wipes too. They are very effective and also don’t have any harmful result for our skin. There are different disinfecting chemicals which are seen to have adverse effects for our skin, but these wipes are so skin friendly that they are recommended by doctors and health institutions for usage on skin too.

- These are available in such packaging that you can simply mount them on walls or cupboards and use them frequently for your routine usage. They also look good in your lounge and guest rooms.

- These wipes are also very cheap as it won’t cost you much to use them for routine use. You can put themselves for usage instead of towels or tissues. This will ensure your safety from attacks of pathogens without costing you much as they are very economical.

- Another very important feature of these wipes is that they are biodegradable which adds much to their importance. Pollution is one of the biggest global concerns just like covid-19 and using these biodegradable wipes you can contribute towards the society.

- There are many surfaces like laptops, mobiles and other equipment which cannot be sanitized repeatedly as the liquid may damage your devices if they are not water resistant. Instead using these wipes, you can clean them too without any hassle. These antibacterial wipes work on all surfaces.