Top 5 Crucial Moments in life to use hand sanitizers

Top 5 Crucial Moments in life to use hand sanitizers

Usually, in our normal routine, we touch hundreds of hard surfaces whether traveling on a bus or train, entering coffee shops or making transactions via ATM. We could never know how many bacteria and germs these surfaces contain. There is a possibility that diseased persons may touch the same objects in public settings, if we also accidently come in contact with that object, it has a high probability that we may get infected by the disease. 

Five Crucial Moments to use Hand Sanitizers

It is important to spread awareness about hand hygiene as an individual responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe. Since the breakout of Coronavirus, hand sanitizers have become an initial part of our daily routine. The need for proper hygiene is now playing a vital role in keeping the harmful viruses and bacteria away. The alcohol concentrated sanitizers are 60% to 90% more effective in killing germs. Let’s discuss the crucial moments where use of hand sanitizers becomes inevitable. 

  • Being at Shopping Places
  • Shopping is a need of time and an important component of our lives but while shopping we may touch many items which would have already come in contact with others so we should use hand sanitizers before and after we are done buying stuff in order to minimize the risk of getting infected. It is necessary to use hand sanitizers as we can get dozens of germs or viruses if we do not wear gloves.

  • Using Transportation
  • When we go out and travel by public transport, it is advised to be careful where you touch i.e. door handles of cars or buses. After taking transport, we should properly apply hand sanitizers. Since we are not aware how many bacteria have been spread as various people may touch or have set in the same spot as you. You should avoid putting hands on various surfaces but it is wise to apply sanitizer gel before you get on and off the transport. 

  • Being at Working Places
  • You need to be attentive while working as well. In order to keep all the employees safe and sound, clean your office settings by spraying liquid forms of sanitizers. You should always follow the standard protocols provided by the government at all places like maintaining social distance, coming in contact with desks, tables and shaking hands. Regular use of gloves and hand sanitizers can limit these infections.

  • Having meals
  • Prior to eating, we should wash and rinse our hands with soap or sanitize our hands. It is a common habit to eat snacks without washing hands, but it is very detrimental. It is a healthy practice to wash hands before and after eating food at any place. Hand hygiene should be prioritized in every condition.

  • Touching your face
  • It is a vital observation that many people tend to touch their faces before applying sanitizer gel, it is the most harmful action, you can do to yourself as this is an unnoticeable action. Before touching your nose, lips, ears, or any part of your face, apply hand sanitizer as it is a necessary measure. 

    Final Thoughts

    Touching hard surfaces while shopping, provides a high risk of getting sick. In simple words, we rub our eyes or come in contact with our faces frequently in our day-to-day routine. The use of hand sanitizers is the most portable and effective solution in order to ensure our health safety as well as to protect our loved ones from getting infected.