A Comparison Between Sanitizing Wipes and Disinfecting Wipes

A Comparison between Sanitizing Wipes and Disinfecting Wipes

After the outbreak of Covid-19 a trend towards better health measures is seen throughout the world which is a very good sign and a positive change. This doesn’t help us in our fight against Covid-19 but also provides protection against numerous other diseases. Usage of sanitizing and disinfecting products have increased across the globe. This increase was so tremendous that manufacturers of these products were not being able to meet the demands at first. There are a number of products whose usage is recommended by CDC and WHO to ensure our protection against various pathogens including coronavirus. Doctors and physicians recommend the usage of sanitizers, hand washes and disinfecting/sanitizing wipes for routine usage. There are two types of wipes that are available in the market i.e. disinfecting wipes and sanitizing wipes.

Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing wipes are one type of the wipes available and they are not considered as effective as the disinfecting wipes. Sanitizing wipes do not kill the bacteria, viruses and fungi instead they reduce the microorganisms from the surface they’re applied to a level which is considered safe. Sanitizing wipes can reduce the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms on any surface up to 99.99%. The time they take to fight the pathogens varies from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending upon the surface they are applied and the concentration of sanitizing chemicals in the wipes. When you are purchasing a sanitizing wipe, make sure it has passed the test of Official Detergent Sanitizer Test also known as the Weber & Black Test.

It is recommended that when sanitizing wipes are being applied on the hard surfaces then they should first be cleaned with a detergent for more favorable and quick results. Otherwise, sometimes there are materials on the surfaces which can render the chemical formula of the wipes ineffective. These wipes are not known for killing the germs rather they are effective for reducing their concentration on the surfaces to safe levels. When you are using a sanitizing wipe on any hard surfaces for example wooden tables or floors etc. then the sequence of cleaning should be pre-clean with detergent, rinse thoroughly and then apply the sanitizing wipes. They may take from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to function and give desirable results but the results are lasting which makes them favorable for usage.

Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting wipes are way more effective than the sanitizing wipes and they are available in a wide range for the purpose of preventing the spread of germs and infections. In the chemical makeup of disinfectant wipes there are a number of products which help kill the bacteria, viruses and fungi. These chemicals are diluted in water so as to reach a concentration which gives the most desired results. Another reason to lessen the concentration by adding water is that the wipes are friendly for the skin too. Otherwise, with high concentration they can be harmful for our skin too. In these disinfectant wipes, there is alcohol as an active ingredient which kills the bacteria and viruses. It is antimicrobial which serves the purpose of killing these pathogens. Other chemicals which are present in these wipes’ chemical makeup are chlorine and chlorine related compounds, hydrogen peroxide, glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, phenol and iodine solution. These compounds in the wipes are responsible for killing the germs.

These compounds breakdown the outer layer of these wipes by poking the halls in the exterior layer of their outer membrane and then dissolving it. These compounds dissolve everything inside the cell and destroy it completely. There are some chemicals which destroy the capability of bacteria to replicate or make proteins which prevents them from growing and causing infections. These wipes are made up of textile materials for example polyester or cotton so they can be used easily for everyday use. They are made up of the cellulosic fibers because they have higher capacity of water retention and storage of the compounds which serve the purpose of killing microbes. The disinfection time of various disinfectant wipes varies depending upon the chemicals used in it. These chemicals can take 30 seconds to 4 minutes on average to disinfect.

Difference Between Sanitizing Wipes and Disinfectant Wipes

Sanitizing wipes do not kill the microbes but they reduce their concentration from the surfaces and the disinfectant wipes have the reputation of killing the microbes. Disinfection wipes are preferred over the sanitizing wipes for this reason as these wipes are more effective and provide more protection comparatively. Following are some reasons for which disinfectant wipes are a better choice;

- As already discussed, for sanitizing wipes we first need to clean the surface, then rinse it and after that sanitizing wipes are used. This may take more than 10 minutes cumulatively and still 100% protection is not ensured. But for disinfectant wipes we don’t need to preclean the surface and rinse it before usage of disinfectant wipes. They can be used directly on the surfaces to get desirable results.

- Sanitizing wipes ensure 99% of protection against the microbes but disinfectant wipes are lab tested to provide 100% results.

- Sanitizing wipes are more effective against bacteria and can fight some viruses too but not all. Whereas, disinfectant wipes are effective in fighting both bacteria and viruses and giving 100% results.

- The dwell time of sanitizing wipes is better than disinfectant wipes. Sanitizing wipes take up to 5 minutes to dwell which is almost half as compared to disinfectant wipes as they can take almost 10 minutes.

Although there are disinfectant wipes available in market which can be used directly on skin, but you are advised to read the instruction before application. If the concentration of disinfecting compounds is higher than it may not be very skin friendly. We should use these wipes for our routine use because they have prov