Pros and Cons of Hand Sanitizers in 2021

Pros and Cons of Hand Sanitizers in 2021

The hand sanitizers have proved their worth after the invasion of this deadly virus. The fear of this fatal disease has partially made us an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) patient to some extent. The rapid spread of covid-19 has made the health ministries to impose the usage of antibacterial products such as hand sanitizers, soaps and hand washes mandatory in order to control the spread of this virus.

Undoubtedly, hand sanitizers have played an important role in the current global pandemic situation. Hand sanitizers are mainly used as antiseptic or microbicide because these can kill germs up to 99.9%. Even people have stocked sanitizers in their houses to meet the shortage of sanitizers. Now, it has become a must-have product in the list of grocery shopping’s. In the present article, let's have a look on some of the merits and demerits of hand sanitizers.

Pros and cons of Hand Sanitizers:

Pros of Hand Sanitizers:

●    Kill germs up to 99.9%:

Hand sanitizer is the best tool to get rid of germs. The amount of alcohol present in the sanitizers help in wiping out bacteria and pathogens from the hands more efficiently. Keeping in view the significance of hand sanitizers these days, there are numerous sponsors who formulate the skin-friendly products or chemicals. As skin care is very vital due to its sensitive nature, so those hand sanitizers are considered by brands as well as by consumers that contain less harmful chemicals giving protection against harmful germs and unhealthy bacteria.

●    Portable and Easy to access

Carrying soap and water along with ourselves everywhere is not feasible. So, hand sanitizer is a portable product that we can easily take away with us and use after every one or two hours without experiencing extra overheads. This is the most convenient precautionary measure that we can adopt in this pandemic to avoid the attack of virus. The practice of hand sanitizing takes less than one minute and provides us strength to safeguard ourselves.

●    Long-Lasting effectiveness

Anything less would be just a waste of money. The best hand sanitizers are those who have long-lasting effects. Sanitizers containing a higher ratio of alcohol provide more protection and work more effectively as compared to sanitizers containing less alcohol.

●    Instant usage

We always look for the fastest way to sanitize ourselves. Hand sanitizers play their role very efficiently in this regard. It provides us with maximum sanitation. Rubbing one drop on the palm will free us from all sorts of bacteria and germs. This is the most compact sanitation product as it comes in different sizes, anyone could have hand sanitizers in their bags for an instant use.


Cons of Hand Sanitizers:

●    Non-Effective in Removing Dirt

When we need to remove dirt, grease or mud from our hands, no product can compete with the effectiveness of soap and water. Though hand sanitizers disinfect us from germs and disease causing bacteria’s, they won't help us to remove dirt that sticks to hand. Hand sanitizer just makes the bacteria and germs move around in such cases.

●    Not every sanitizer provides up to mark sanitation

Quality matters the most while buying or purchasing any kind of product.  You should always prioritize quality over quantity. Same goes for hand sanitizers. Different quality products are available in the market. All you need to do is to go for the best hand sanitizer. The ideal alcohol concentration is 60% which must be present in hand sanitizer. Some sanitizers are also available that do not fulfill this crucial requirement. So, when you shop for hand sanitizers, you should encounter the best quality of them to ensure 100% hygiene.

●    Alcohol intoxication

The primary ingredient in all sanitizers is alcohol that plays an important role in killing germs. We can also call it “microbial sanitizers”. People believe that the absence of triclosan makes sanitizer entirely safe for use. However, alcohol used in sanitizers can cause alcohol intoxication. Several cases have come out of teenagers and children of drinking sanitizers and passing out. Companies should stop the production of colorful or highly scented sanitizers that the children would find appealing. Ingestion of sanitizers causes alcohol intoxication, which can lead to alcohol poisoning in some cases.

●    Causes dull and dry skin

Alcohol-based sanitizers are vigorous enough to deprive your skin of all the moisture which results in flaky, dull, and dry skin. Grey skin tone, flaky skin, peeling, and constant itching may indicate that you have exceedingly dehydrated skin caused by over usage of alcohol-based sanitizers. Dry skin opens doors to infections and cracks in the skin and becomes the gateway for the entry of germs or microbes.


The pandemic has increased the use of sanitizers substantially. However, people are ignorant of the advantages and most importantly the negative consequences that hand sanitizers can result. Raising awareness regarding the proper use of sanitizers is important as over usage can affect the health of people ineffectively.

Despite all the above-mentioned pros and cons, hand sanitizers have become an essential part of our daily lives for the last one year, so in present times, no one can think of abandoning such a protective and useful product even after getting to know its drawbacks. Manufacturer companies take into account the safety and health of consumers while formulating solutions and they prefer high quality hand sanitizers that do not harm their skin. But still people should act wisely to deal with the shortcomings by reading the sanitizer's description keenly before purchasing it, and using it in a prescribed manner.