Ways to Help Kids to Adjust Face Masks in 2021

Help Kids to adjust Face Masks

As we know that we are currently in a state of pandemic and we are still trying to get over it but we haven’t got complete success in it yet. Therefore, it is important that we do not stop taking the precautions we were taking in 2020 when the outbreak was on its peak. If we are to survive this and get over it then we should adopt the health and precaution practices advised by Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) & World Health Organization (WHO). Experts have stressed on the fact that people with age group above 50 and less than 12 are more susceptible to Covid-19 and they should be more cautious. Hence, it is very important they we describe the importance of precautionary measures to our kids so they can stay safe from this fatal disease. It is often seen that kids are having a tough time to adopt to these new ways of living as they were not used to wearing masks and using sanitizers frequently. Expecting social distancing from kids is something difficult so at least we can ensure that they are wearing masks everywhere they go. It is often seen that parents are complaining that their kids are not adjusting to these new norms of socializing i.e. usage of masks and no handshakes etc. Nowadays kids face masks are also very easily accessible because precautions for kids are our primary concern. Therefore, following are some techniques which might be helpful for the parents to get their kids to using face masks and gloves.

Educate Them

First and foremost way is that we should educate our children regarding the issue. But how we educate them about the matter is very crucial. You should be polite to them and make sure you do not frighten them much. There are a lot of videos available on internet which are made with sole purpose of promoting the usage of face masks and gloves by the kids. There are some animated videos and short clips which would attract the kids and they might start taking precautions after seeing them because cartoons are something which are a very fine mode of education for children all over the world. These videos not only educate them the importance of using face masks, but they will also teach them right and most effective ways of using the kids face masks. Also, parents should conduct small sessions with their children for teaching them how to wash their hands before and after eating and after small intervals. Educating your kids regarding the matter is must because your kids are sensitive and they should be well protected.

Give Rewards

One very effective way of getting your kid to adopt the healthy practices is to reward them. Amongst your kids announce one winner every week and reward with chocolates, candies etc. so they stay motivated to not let go of these practices. This will keep them interested and won’t be very negligible towards the precautions.

Attractive Masks

Another way is the usage of attractive and colorful masks. Masks with animations of favorite cartoon characters of kids are available which they would like to wear everywhere they go. These masks are usually cloth made masks which are not as effective as the surgical masks but still they provide protection to some extent and are much better than wearing nothing at all. These kids face masks are washable and are sized as per your child’s age, so they are a very good choice to consider.

Make them Proctors

As we all know that kids usually love being overwhelming and having responsibilities with power to dictate others so let’s be submissive and make them our proctors at home. Ask your kid that he or she has the responsibility to observe that everyone is wearing the mask and using sanitizer after the defined period. Once your kid is on it, safety of rest of your family members is also ensured along with the kid because kids love to play proctor. Moreover, if you are out with your kid for shopping or purchasing grocery, hand something over to your kid so his/her hands are busy holding that and they will not be touching things unnecessarily which will keep them safe from contacting the virus.

Model Wearing Masks

You can get your kid to wearing the mask by making a model image for people who are wearing the masks outside as they are doing something very good for others too. Portray a hero image of them in front of your kids so your kid understands the importance of the matter. If you see someone passing by and not wearing the mask, do tell your kid that it is a very bad habit and that negligence is endangering others too. It will make an image of the “bad guy” for the people who are not wearing masks and will bring your kid towards wearing the mask every time he or she goes out.

Mask Should be Your Child’s Size

Something seen quite often is that parents don’t bother to search for the face masks of the size of their kids. They try to fit masks of their own size to their kids too which is not much recommended. If the face mask is loose then it is not serving its purpose at all. Purpose of wearing face masks is that we do not inhale air contaminated with pathogens and it should be filtered through the mask before we inhale it. But if the mask is loose and air can get in from the loosened part then you are doing it all wrong. Kids face masks are easily accessible in the market so go for them and ensure utmost protection for your loved ones. Moreover, also make sure the masks are not very tight and your kid can easily breathe through it.